Hanne Nilsen Nygård (b. 1984, Moss, Norway) is an Oslo based artist that works with sound, video and installations. Her practice deals with the idea of the private in the public space. Subjects that often reappear are relationships and authenticity



2019:                          Kortfilmfestivalen/Norwegian Short Film Festival in                                        
2019:                          Graduation show, BA Fine Art, Oslo National                                                  
                                   Academy of the Arts, Ila Pensjonat                     
2019:                          Fuglekasse, Skylight, KHIO
2019:                          Vrengt Livmor, (Solo Exhibition) Galleri Fisk, Bergen
2018:                          Vrengt Livmor/Inverted Uterus, (Solo Exhibition)                                            
                                   Skylight, KHIO
2018:                          Høstutstillingen, The annual Norwegian National                                            
                                    Exhibition, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2018:                          What do we belive in, Oslo Domkirke
2018:                           It´s like things are not real here, (Solo Exhibition)                                          
                                    Whitebox, KHIO
2017:                           Picture, guards to guard, Akademirommet,                                                      
                                    Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2017:                           Åpent Monter, BOA, Billedkunstnerne i Oslo og                                              
2016:                           No Strait Story Presentations, Akademirommet,                                            
                                    Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo
2016:                           Low Glow, Galleri Stabburet, Stovner, Oslo
2014:                          Meeting van Gogh, Yunnan Art Festival, Kunming,                                          


2019 - (2021):            MA Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2016 – 2019:              BA Fine Art, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
2007 – 2010:              BA Art and Design, Oslo University College
2003 – 2007:              BA Sociology, University of Oslo
2006, 2011:               Art History, individual courses, University of Oslo

2019-:                         Project Manager, Oslo Art Weekend

2019:                         Artist Assistant on Praktisér Poesien (Film), Ane Hjort                                    
2011-2019:                Art Educator, and Museum guide, The National                                              
                                  Museum, Norway
2017-                         Open Forum, One work Only, Collab., curatorial                                              
                                  practice and arr.events, at Khartoum Contemporary                                       
                                  Art Center
2010-2012:                Art educator, Curator Assistant (40%), Astrup                                                
                                  Fearnley Museum
2013-2014:                Volunteer, Art and Culture Centre, Kunming, China
2013:                         Artist Assistant, Hilmar Fredriksen
2010:                         Scenography Assistant, Knerten i Knipe, film
2009:                         Set design Assistant, Buzz Aldrin, NRK film
2009:                         Internship, NRK, Safari


Hanne Nilsen Nygård, 2019